We are a privately-held, full-service security company, providing businesses and people with the highest level of protection. We provide professional, experienced, and competent security personnel that meet all requirements in the field of physical security.


Our headquarters is located in Manchester, NH. For the convenience of our fellow New Hampshire residents, we also have offices in Portsmouth and Nashua. The team behind every of our security solutions is a dedicated group of security experts and consultants. Altogether, we have a combined experience of over 2 decades in the security sector and we bring that knowledge and expertise to every security challenge we solve for our clients.


American Alliance Security Agency was founded by two visionaries, Azmir Lilic & Armin Coric. Azmir and Armin were immigrants who came to the United States from war-torn Bosnia, following the Bosnian Genocide. They have since used their routes and personal life experiences as a source of inspiration to singlehandedly succeed and achieve the American Dream.


Coming to the USA with nothing at separate points in their lives in search of greener pastures - they furthered their education and each achieved a college degree. They were both the first in their families to ever graduate from college, as this unprecedented opportunity was very rare at the time in Bosnia due to this level of success usually only being attributed to wealthier individuals with larger networks of influential people. Neither factors applied to either Azmir's or Armin's families.


Azmir earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Policing & Law Enforcement, while also taking courses in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. While Armin got his Bachelor of Science degree in Cyber Security and Information Technology from the University of Vermont. With this great achievement of having the value of higher education, each member reached an important milestone in their lives. With their degrees, both Azmir and Armin went on to work in their respective fields for well-reputable security service companies for several years.


Then one day, the two sought after each other and came to a common understanding that something was lacking in the security industry. For years now, the security industry has been on a downward spiral when it came to customer service and prompt response time. Our CEO, Azmir had first-hand knowledge of this problem as he has dedicated most of his life working in the security industry and public safety sector. He noticed that most of these security companies were providing their clients with subpar service. Unfortunately, it is common to see security companies all over, especially the industry's giants, lacking the quality to provide the service they promise, as most of their security guards are unfit and unprofessional. Yet, these companies will promise their clients the world.

The two founding members of American Alliance Security Agency decided things needed to change within the industry and conceived the idea to establish a truly remarkable security company that provides excellent service that is above and beyond regular industry standards, coupled with the full backed up experience each founding member amassed over the years.


"What businesses and corporations don't know is that some of the companies, especially the bigger players in our industry will literally hire someone with little or no security experience, just so that they can have coverage for a client's site, and that's not right. What good does that do the client? That same so-called security guard is a liability to the company, themselves, and the people and property they’re relied on to protect." - Azmir Lilic, CEO.


"Our security officers, who are trained in the proper ways of safety, security and situational awareness are detrimental to the success of American Alliance Security Agency. To train your guards with the right knowledge, skills, and instincts is a MUST for every security company. In today's modern world, security officers NEED to be trained higher than your average “mall cop.” - Armin Coric, COO


Starting small in Manchester, NH with only 3 staff members (including the founding members), American Alliance has truly grown gloriously, as it continues to do so American Alliance Security Agency has helped thousands of businesses - local, national, and global - secure their facilities, protect their people from danger and has even saved companies millions of dollars in property damage and potential lawsuits all across New England.


We have the experience and are proficient in securing Government Facilities, Warehouses, Residential Complexes, Campgrounds, Events, Industrial and Commercial Properties, plus much more. Please view our Services page for more information. We ventured into the industry to create the best security service company in New Hampshire. We not only did that but also beat our competition to become the most reliable security agency around! Over the years, our clients continuously rave about the superior value of our services, specifically our prompt response time, courteous callbacks and the vigilance of our highly-trained, professional security officers. To further ensure our guards are primed for duty, we have them train with a former Springfield, Massachusetts Police Sergeant, to provide military-grade training to all our security officers.


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