About Us

From the beginning, American Alliance Security Agency has focused on fully meeting the needs of our clients, developing a relationship of mutual trust, understanding their needs and providing top-level expert solutions.


Continuous growth in quality by maintaining a highly qualified and trained staff is a priority for us. We encourage our people to make ideas, listen to their suggestions and help them reach their full potential.


Our security firm is organized in several specialized departments, and this specialization allows us to focus on acquiring new knowledge and skills through a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients.


At American Alliance Security Agency, we believe in protecting you against the unpredictable. In today's world, people, companies and assets may be targets of security threats, which can lead to disaster for any business. Our sole mission is to give you the protection needed to bring peace of mind so that you may focus your efforts where they will pay the most dividends.


Some folks rely solely on security cameras as a deterrent to crime, and that's fine. However, nowadays cameras can only get you so far. You need hand-vetted, highly qualified and trained officers equipped with highly protective and successful security strategies that utilize all the latest technology. We look forward to providing you with an ironclad security operation that protects the things you've worked so hard to build and achieve.

Whether you need security for an event, a patrolman to guard your property or a group of officers that specialize in covering large, open spaces, American Alliance Security Agency is there when you need us most.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

We have a strict vetting process that brings in the best security guards in the industry, guaranteed.

All American Alliance Security Agency Officers are trained in defensive tactics, anti-terrorism, patrol techniques, criminal law, and customer service. Our unarmed security officers are certified, licensed, and insured. Wearing police-style uniforms, our officers have passed standards which are actually higher than most other companies in the industry. Drug screenings, aptitude tests, and thorough background checks are just part of the standards our officers must pass to join American Alliance Security Agency. Needless to say, all our officers are well-groomed, well-trained, and will be able to provide patrol, communication, and other services to keep your facility and its grounds as safe as possible.

​In some situations, it may be necessary to have armed security guards on your premises. When this is the case, we provide our armed guards who are trained to handle a variety of dangerous situations in ways that will keep your facility and its customers, employees, residents, or attendees safe. Using the innovative concepts of community policing and enforcement through reinforcement, our armed guards are trained to be approachable and helpful to those around them. Along with this, they use many different tactical approaches that rely on verbal tactics to help de-escalate volatile situations, which have been proven to be quite effective.


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