Our Administrative Department is responsible for providing administrative aid in five areas of our agency: information management systems, human resources, payroll, acquisition and communication. The goal of the administrative department is to keep all departments within our agency operating at maximum capacity. Our administrative department is able to provide systematic support in every area of our company without any interruption in services. Members of our administration keep an effective communication channel open, so everyone is informed of any new changes and how the changes may affect the company or our clients.

Typically, our administrators handle report-writing, filing and scheduling, and payroll. They plan department weekly meetings, schedule conference calls and meetings with our clients, and work on solving administrative concerns and issues. They do a complex task that involves multi-tasking from the preparation of company reports, analyzing data, and finding solutions. All members of our administration are experienced and trained cross-functional communicators and collaborators. Moreover, other duties of the administration include scheduling company-initiated activities, meetings, and events.

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