The Benefits of Having Unarmed Security Guards On-Site


Hiring an unarmed security guard is one of the most effective ways to protect your business & people from common threats. Vandalism, theft, assaults, terrorism, rogue employees are just a few common threats many businesses face today. 


All of these threats can be avoided by having a strong security presence on-site. An unarmed guard is the perfect solution to deter criminals away. People who are willing to commit some malicious act will think twice before doing it. It’s the businesses that have no security presence at all that are the most vulnerable to threats.


"Well what if I want to hire armed guards?"


Hiring armed security guards is not always the answer. Nor is hiring police officers that will take a huge chunk out of your budget. There needs to be a good middle ground where your business can benefit from having some form of authority on-site and not break the bank. Unarmed security guards do just that.

Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards

So many businesses these days turn to surveillance cameras to deter unwanted individuals away. Although it can help, it’s not the same as having a physical body patrolling your property. Physical guards are a much better deterrent than any piece of camera equipment.


All businesses have a budget. At American Alliance Security, we supply your business with unarmed security guards that will not break the budget. Too often businesses don’t learn about security threats until it’s too late. With the state of the world today, you can’t afford to NOT have some form of security personnel on property. 


Unarmed security personnel;

  • Mitigate risk

  • Deter criminals away

  • Provide basic customer service

  • Lower your insurance premiums

  • Protect your business as their #1 priority


For many businesses, unarmed security personnel are a key component of their security programs. Not only do they deter crime and mitigate risks, but unarmed guards are also a more affordable way for businesses to protect what matters most. You get the protection you want at a lower price tag, and you keep your most precious assets safe from harm. It’s a no brainer. 

If you're interested in seeing how unarmed guards can have an impact on your business, click here to read one of our case studies. We show you in detail how our guards help local businesses like yours, deal with common day to day threats.