Close Personal Protection

Keeping Residents of NH Child & Family Services Safe!

Close Personal Protection is the provision of physical personal security by a bodyguard or bodyguards (close protection team) to a person (principal/protectee) or a group of people at risk of harassment, harm, or attack. Close personal protection aims to prevent injury, loss, damage, or death.


About Our Client

Waypoint NH, formerly NH Child & Family Services is a non-profit organization which exists to empower people of all ages through a wide array of human services and advocacy. The organization is located directly in the heart of Manchester, New Hampshire. 


Waypoint has a program that provides residential houses for young mothers and their children. One day, the local caretaker for one of the buildings got into a heated argument with a local for trespassing onto the property, which escalated quickly and physically to a point where the trespasser landed a punch sending the caretaker to the ground. Unfortunately, the caretaker landed his head hard on a rock which killed him on the spot (involuntary manslaughter). Ever since, the residents of the apartment have felt unsafe due to this incident, among the drug dealing activities and unsolicited loitering happening daily behind the building.

Waypoint NH decided to take action against these alarming and dangerous activities advancing on the property. They needed to guarantee and ensure the safety of their residents and also prevent any further controversy or altercation between the locals and residents. They realized they needed to outsource the project to a reliable and professional security company.


After proper due diligence, they contacted a representative from our company – American Alliance Security Agency – scheduling a consultation session with our operation team to discuss the best approach to their situation.


During the consultation session, the client communicated their concerns and goal of achieving a very peaceful and safe environment free of wandering locals and suspicious individuals during evening and night hours.


Our operation team developed basic security protocols and measures to implement that would rid the building of suspicious activities and unwanted people loitering around during late hours. The protocol suggested we station an armed security guard in and around the building who does the following:

  • A full sweep of the outer perimeter coupled with an uninterrupted foot patrol throughout the premises.

  • Consistently conduct foot patrol inside the apartment every thirty minutes ensuring everything is in proper order.

  • Steer away any suspicious or unwanted fellow quietly from the apartment – telling them to “keep moving along.”

  • Has the clearance to call the police for backup incase a situation got out of hand.


The effect of the security measures implemented by our armed security guards was felt immediately within the first week of duty. The security guard deterred all unwanted individuals from the property.


Even the residents of the apartment were shocked at the reflective silence throughout the neighborhood. “I’ve never seen the street this quiet in my years of living here, says a lifelong resident who identified only as Greg.


Prior to our security guards' involvement, even the local police department tried to curb the erratic activities taking place on the property with frequent vehicle patrols. But once they noticed our armed security guard on-site, they reduced the frequency of their patrol runs. Occasionally, they’d pass by and check-in with us to see if all was going well.


Ever since we stationed our uniformed, armed security guards on the property, the number of trespassers and illicit activities reduced significantly to zero. The drug dealing stopped, so did the unwanted loitering. Passersby minded their own business and went their way. No confrontation or altercation ever occurred between our security guards and locals.


The young mothers felt a lot safer because of the authoritative presence of our professional security guards. The residents told us that they could now take their kids outside without having to worry about confronting some random thug or drunk stumbling in the neighborhood.


The partnership with our security agency was an absolute success and the client was very impressed with the peace and quiet induced not only on their property but also throughout the entire neighborhood.