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Our security officers will patrol your park or campground thoroughly to keep an eye out for irregular or illegal activity and safety hazards, as well as ensure that your rules and regulations are being enforced and followed.


Camps and parks looking to hire on-site security should always research its individual needs and liabilities. The following is a checklist of some of the most important considerations. You can assess these on your own with your group of subordinates or our security consultants can also gladly assist you.

  • Look for all the possible weak points around the camping location that may be vulnerable to threats of kidnapping, terrorism, and all the other associated danger. ​

  • Before choosing the land, ensure that it has all the right connectivity to the nearest police station and hospital.

  • If you are going to setup the camp in a bigger area, then add up the right fencing and lights. Ensure that all the camps have the right connectivity to one another and they must have individual phones. When you have the security taking care of the camp, then they patrol the area in the night and day, especially in the areas that are not properly fenced. Always take a detailed look at the proximity of the area around and determine the vulnerabilities in the security.

  • If the camp is in remote location, then you have to take extra measures of security. You just cannot leave things unchecked.

  • Have a right protocol for the visitors. Parents must be issued a security pass and only those people must be allowed inside the camp that carries the passes with them.

  • All the mails and luggage should be handled in a proper manner. The luggage and the boxes must be marked in order to ensure which belongs to which of the individual. If you are expecting children from the airport, then ask the airport staff to issue low hassle methods for the luggage handling. Have an additional staff to transport the entire luggage safely into the camp.

  • Always be in contact with the local police and tell them all the details of the camps and the detailed list of the children who are going to attend it. This gives you an additional support in case something goes wrong.

  • Last but not the least, it is very much important that you take the security from the company that has years of experience in providing the best camping security. You must look for all the details and the modes of security that is on offer, before making your final selection. Never undermine the security of the camp by divulging all the related information.

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