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Campus Safety / School Security Services

As a licensed security agency in the communities we proudly serve all across New England, we take the security and safety of each of our clients seriously. This is nowhere more important than it is for the educational institutions that we serve. From students to faculty members, our security services assist local and campus police by providing trained, professional, and uniformed security guards on the premises.

Educational Institutions should provide safety and security for their students, but often times that task is overwhelming. At American Alliance Security Agency, we strive to make it easier for K-12, universities, community colleges, and trade schools to be safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our security officers carefully inspect and monitor buildings and learning centers after hours to guarantee both physical security, and student security. Any suspicious activity or disturbances will immediately be reported to the proper authorities. The safety of your expensive educational equipment and that of your faculty is our utmost concern, which is why we constantly stand guard over your buildings and monitor them throughout the day.

Benefits of On Campus Security

There is nothing more important than the safety of our nation's children, teenagers and young adults. They represent our future, and it is the duty of educational institutions to ensure their safety while at any learning center. However, it may not always be easy for educational institutions to organize such security. Our security officers are here to support local schools and universities in securing the safety of their students and faculty. We do this by utilizing a systematic process to provide comprehensive security services. This includes preparation, planning, preventing and responding to emergencies. When you use our security services for your educational institution, you can sleep soundly knowing your students and property are both in trained hands.

Fewer Violent Crimes

An armed individual is, unfortunately, required if the goal is to disarm a person. Our armed security officers who are very well trained can and will ensure that the criminals’ plans are foiled.

Less Bullying and Fighting

Security officers can do more than keep criminals at bay – they can keep an eye on bullying and fighting on the school grounds. In addition, they are able to intervene without the use of firearms.

Better Informed Staff and Parents

With security officers keeping an eye on students, they can give helpful feedback not only on the activities of the children, but they can also report on any child that seems aggressive or depressed.

Updating Your School's Security System

The larger a school, the harder it is to keep track of your learning institution and for security officers to have their eyes everywhere. Many schools have outdated security systems. And, while updating the systems might seem like too much effort, not to mention the big expense involved, your school needs a solid security system. American Alliance Security Agency can not only provide you with trained security officers for your elementary school, secondary school, college or university, but we can also make sure that you have the right technology systems to make sure you know who is in the building, if anyone is behaving oddly or out of place, and what students are doing at all times.

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