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Systems Down. Alarm Response For A Manufacturing Facility.

An ECCO Case Study | Remote Perimeter Protection

Our Client

Highly recognized for its quality standards in the shoemaking industry, ECCO is a Danish shoe manufacturer and retailer with headquarters located in Denmark. The company has multitudes of retail stores and manufacturing facilities in major cities around the world, including Londonderry & Merrimack, New Hampshire – where they sought after our security expertise.

Perimeter & Property Patrol

With an interval of 30 minutes, the guard consistently patrolled the perimeter of the property, on high alert for suspicious occurrence and oddities – especially paying close attention to the back of the building which was poorly lit and could appeal to trespassers.

Strategic Positioning

Without any delay, the decided protocol was executed that same night with immediate alacrity due to the urgency of the situation. Unfazed, the designated guard assigned to the location got set up quickly, flooding the front entrance of ECCO’s building with bright lights beaming from his patrol car.


After discussing their unique security problem, the objective of the task before American Alliance Security was clear: to monitor the perimeter and protect ECCO’s property from unauthorized individuals and trespassers. But how?

We quickly assessed the situation and proposed that the best course of action was to station an unarmed security guard to patrol the premises. The guard will be dressed in uniform styled like a police officer with a marked patrol vehicle which sends a strong message of caution to trespassers and thieves.  

The Problem

Many businesses (industrial facilities included) adopt security systems and alarms for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as restriction of unauthorized entry – but what do you do when these systems go faulty?

ECCO’s manufacturing facility in Londonderry, NH, is among the many manufacturing properties located in the area owned by different establishments – making the vicinity a huge target for theft and vandalism if measures aren’t taken. So, ECCO had a major problem with the security alarm systems of their building which could leave them vulnerable to attack if left unchecked.

Somehow, due to the malfunction, they couldn’t set their alarms for the night. Clearly, they needed an immediate substitute security protocol to safeguard their facility while they got their alarm systems fixed.

Knowing American Alliance Security Agency by a reputation for quick intervention, delivering iron-clad security with military-grade precision, they called in our team to help.


By consolidating multiple patrol measures, security lights and extreme vigilance, our guard was able to secure ECCO’s manufacturing facility and deter trespassers without any incident.

Also, the concept of our guard wearing a police styled uniform reinforced the presence of an authority figure on the location which has its own advantages in deterring people with malicious intent.

Routinely, our guard would check in with the client every day, before and after the duty to give a detailed report of activities that occurred over the night – which was mostly quiet.

The contract was a remarkable success and ECCO fixed its alarm security systems in a matter of days.


Need to protect and secure your property urgently? American Alliance Security can help you too.

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