Commercial Security

If you own a commercial building for your business or as an investment property, it’s important that you don’t leave its security to chance. The worth of your building is only as strong as the integrity of its security, as an incident can do considerable harm to not just the value of your property but also the occupants.

As a leading security services provider, American Alliance Security offers high-level protection and proactive security solutions to commercial buildings – maintaining the integrity and reputation of our clients’ property.

Customized Solutions for Maximum Security 

Every building is different in its own unique way and through the right combination of security personnel, risk assessment, and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide customized security solutions that meet the needs of your Class A property irrespective of its size, layout, and environment.


We have highly trained, honest security officers with professional integrity and years of experience in conducting efficient surveillance monitoring, foot, and mobile patrols, on-site guarding and protection.

For our Class A property clients, we meticulously screen and select our security officers and personnel based on the role they will play in the building, their ability to accomplish their task and their ability to work well in high profile building. Our team is staffed by the best-in-breed and highly professional security officers whose credentials surpass industry standards.

Providing top-notch security for Class A buildings could seem like an overwhelming challenge for most average, run of the mill security companies – NOT American Alliance Security. We have established our reputation at the forefront of security companies in New Hampshire. We are built for this and have excelled at it for over 15 years. Your building and its occupants fully deserve the highest level of safety you can get them – in other words, we offer peace of mind. 

Complete Security Assessment To Mitigate Risk

  • We do more than protect your property and resources, we also analyze and provide complete security assessment of the building including internal and external vulnerability to entry and exit points, a complete run-through diagnostic of your property structure, parking space assessment and more…Whatever it takes to ensure your building is 100% from perpetrators of unlawful activities and breach.

  • Let us evaluate your Class A property and help you provide a customized and comprehensive security solution that goes beyond the level of ordinary to the stratosphere of the extraordinary. We are that good. 

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