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Construction Site Managers

Construction Site Security

According to the latest statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites — along with vacant homes — are the most vandalized and burglarized sites in the country. Unfortunately, there are also people who will trespass on dangerous construction sites to steal valuables, vandalize, or just to look around, risking an accident. 

This is why investing in quality construction site security is so important. Our on-site security services provide around the clock monitoring of your site to ensure no significant losses occur. Our construction site security specialists are here to help you protect your site from unwanted visitors, vandalism, and theft—both internal and external. We develop and implement security plans that provide the most effective solutions for your needs.

Access Control

Many individuals access construction sites every day. Builders, painters, delivery personnel, electricians, plumbers, and many other individuals will access the site on a regular basis. The chances of seeing new faces on the construction site are higher as the work progresses. So, keeping track of those individuals who visit the respective site can be a difficult task for management, which where a designated security officer can be helpful. Security personnel can control site access and keep record of who is entering/exiting, which leaves little room for theft and unauthorized entry.

Theft Prevention

Construction sites generally consist of various items ranging from building material to power tools. If left unprotected, construction sites can be easy targets for thieves of different types. Seasoned thieves can go through the overall setup of an unsecured construction site during the daytime and come back at night for theft, when the site is left unattended. The cost of the robbery may vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands, possibly even millions.

Prevention of Vandalism

Vandalism is another serious threat associated with construction sites. According to statistics, the construction industry altogether loses hundreds of millions of dollars annually as a result of vandalism. Repairing or replacing the damaged equipment or work can be significantly costly. In addition to that, construction companies the become victims of vandalism tend to lose future business and have higher insurance premiums.

Fire Watch

Most construction sites don't have sufficient safety systems to protect against fire. Our security officers are trained to identify potential fire-related dangers and hazards in advance and take the necessary actions.

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