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COVID-19 Compliance Services

As the country adapts to the current times and prepares to reopen the workplace, our clients have told us they want assistance in assuring their customers and staff are in a safe place. Taking extra precautions is a big part of the foreseeable future in our efforts to reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus.


Your COVID-19 Compliance Officer will work directly with you to maintain a safe and healthy, virus-free, workplace, eatery, hotel, gymnasium, or retail establishment. We know that this collaboration will lead to everyone being able to confidently return to stores, restaurants, and the workplace. Ultimately this means our clients can make a faster return to profitability. 

Our compliance procedures are firmly based on guidance that comes directly from CDC recommendations and the governor of your state. Our job is to make it easier for our clients to open their businesses safely and under the correct guidelines set out by state and government officials. We provide the security officers, we take care of all the compliance regulations, and our client gets to put their focus back on running their businesses. 

Let’s Work Together.

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