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Why Is Access Control Important?

Proper access control measures are the vital first layer to any security strategy. By restricting access to your business or condominium and controlling who is able to get in and out of the property, you will greatly reduce the number of security threats putting the safety of your premises at risk. Access control measures also send the message to your guests or customers that you prioritize their safety and security, and serve as a warning to those who are considering trespassing or committing crimes on the property. Whether you’re the owner of a business or are involved in the management of a condominium or gated community, properly regulating access to the premises should be your primary security concern. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know which security measures are best to adopt: access control security guards are more suited to some premises, whereas automatic access gates are sufficient for others. By properly evaluating the security needs of your business or complex and the constraints of your budget, you will be able to make the best decision to ensure the safety of your property.

Automatic Access Gates: Pros and Cons

Automatic access gates usually only involve once-off expenses, and besides the associated maintenance and power costs, will not cost your business money on a regular basis. Top-of-the-range steel and aluminum gates tend to be the most durable. The benefit of automated access gates is that they are guaranteed to be there 24/7, they provide easy and quick access for employees when installed with automated key card access features and they do not come with associated labor expenses. However, there are a number of downsides: security gates cannot move to follow or investigate potential threats, they lack the human ability to detect trespassers preventatively, they can be ‘jammed’ using signal jamming devices, they may not work in the event of a power failure, and the moment a thief obtains the access control key card from an employee through theft or manipulation, the security of the entire premises is severely compromised. Automatic access gates are probably a better option than access control security officers for small businesses with few employees, or small condominiums, especially when the budget is limited. However, for larger businesses or complexes, security officers are arguably the better way to go.

Advantages of a Security Officer at the Gate

There are a number of major benefits which come with access control security guards. Firstly, unlike gates, they are able to move around on patrol, and are not just limited to one spot. This means they can survey the entire perimeter of the property, which is important as burglars often do not try to trespass through the main access point but through more hidden perimeter areas. A further benefit of security officers is that they are able to act preemptively and detect threats early on by looking out for and questioning suspicious behavior. The mere presence of uniformed security officers often serves as an extremely effective deterrence to thieves. Access control guards are also able to take positive action when a security breach occurs: they can communicate with other security officers about potential breaches in order to coordinate efforts, and can call police authorities to handle any situation which goes beyond their capabilities.

Keep Track of All Visitors

Security officers give you a physical human presence at the main entrance to your community, which is a great way to monitor who enters and who leaves the area. Automated gates are known to reduce crime, but a security guard at the gate is especially useful at preventing unauthorized entry. While an automated gate may be easy for criminals to bypass, a security guard adds a higher level of protection. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a gatehouse security officer is the added security it truly brings. A security officer can check everyone who enters and exits the property. If someone does not have a reason to enter the community, the security officer will make sure they do not get past the gate. This extra barrier of protection significantly reduces the risk of an intruder making it on to the property.

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