Businesses that don’t have strong security solutions integrated into their logistics department face an ever-growing array of safety and security concerns and risk a direct negative impact on their bottom line. In other words, a weak spot in your logistics security leaves your business highly vulnerable.

Due to the broad and sophisticated layout of most warehouses and logistic centers, the ongoing activities inside and outside of the facility, the inbound and outbound transportation, the fleet and steady stream of people, products and equipment, it is critical that you choose the ideal security provider who understands how to proactively protect your distribution center and secure a crucial link of your supply chain.

Passionate Security Experts Dedicated to Your Success

American Alliance Security Services provides iron-clad security for the logistics department of many thriving businesses in New Hampshire and its surroundings. With years of experience working with warehouses, retail distribution centers, package handling centers and other forms of logistic centers, we are your trusted partners that provide impenetrable security for an integral part of your supply network.

We understand the intricate complexities of the transportation and logistics sector and the new security challenges facing logistics providers. We have the experience, technology, and resources to successfully identify security risks along your supply network and cultivate critically strategic solutions to address them while helping you stay safe and on budget.

Running a logistics operation comes with inherent security challenges like the protection against loss from cargo theft and liability, promotion of workplace safety, environmental complications, emergency protection against disaster, confirmation of cargo security and others.

We help you address these challenges and unforeseen ones, giving you the peace of mind to focus on discovering innovative ways to improve efficiency across your operation.

Risk and Threat Assessment

How certain are you of your current security system? We evaluate any weakness or vulnerability that can be exploited by people with criminal intentions. Our assessments extend to the identification of a wide range of threats and hazards, which provides a robust foundation for determining the best physical and operational security measures needed to protect your assets.

The cornerstone of any logistic security system is the preparation for both planned and unplanned incidents. Our logistic security services extend to:

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel

    • American Alliance Security customizes our personnel recruitment to meet the needs of each specific logistics client. With thorough training process – in active shooting exercises and conflict mediation, our security officers are well equipped to handle all your security needs with optimal professionalism.

  • Foot and Mobile Patrol

    • Is your logistics center located in a large area with so many exit and entry points? Provided your circumstance calls for high visibility or large area patrol, our patrol services are tailored to your specific needs whether it’s on foot, or by vehicle.

  • Access Control System

    • Regulate the movement within and outside your logistics center with our advanced access control system. You can restrict unauthorized access to any area of your logistics center.

  • Alarm Response

    • We can supplement your alarm systems with a rapid response team in case of any breach whether it’s a burglary or a fire outbreak. We are confident in providing a timely and efficient alarm response mitigating the risk of property loss.

  • Undercover security assessment and consultant

    • Our experienced consultants can help you identify different levels of risk, vulnerability and provide actionable information that helps our client address these risks.

  • Fire Watch and Burglary Watch Services

    • Is your fire or burglary alarm systems down? We can come to your rescue and provide a watch over your property while repairs are being made to your system. No matter the situation or timing (day or night), American Alliance Security can provide effective burglary or fire watch services at your facility. 

  • Emergency Security Services

    • It’s a crucial part of running a business to expect the unexpected – like a natural disaster. In case of such emergency, American Alliance Security is well equipped and always at alert to provide immediate support 24/7 for the duration of the occurrence.

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