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From Humble Beginnings...

American Alliance Security Agency was founded in Manchester, NH by security professional, Azmir Lilic.

For years now, the security industry has been on a downward spiral when it came to customer service, prompt response time, and personnel training. This factor majorly contributed to the founding of American Alliance Security Agency. There was the need for the existence of a professional security company that provides excellent service, above and beyond regular industry standards. How could this be accomplished? For Mr. Lilic, this meant management teams who are available day and night, reasonable rates for service, fair treatment and pay for security officers, and state-of-the-art training for all personnel.

"Our security officers, who are trained in the proper ways of safety, security and situational awareness are detrimental to the success of American Alliance Security Agency. To train your personnel with the right knowledge, skills, and instincts is a must for every security company. Our clients entrust our security officers with the safety and protection of themselves, their property, assets, and/or individuals on their premises. Therefore, they need to be professionally and regularly trained, as well as properly equipped, appreciated, fairly treated and well-paid. This is the main difference between American Alliance and most other private security companies in New Hampshire and further. Mutual trust, satisfaction, and respect." - Azmir Lilic, CEO.


Starting small with only two staff members (including the CEO), American Alliance has truly grown gloriously, as it continues to do so. We are proud to say that American Alliance Security Agency has helped thousands of businesses - local, national, and global - secure their facilities, protect their people, and has even saved companies millions of dollars in property damage and potential lawsuits all across New England. With our first-hand experience in the industry, an entrepreneurial sense of business and creating energy, we sought to bring things, despite obstacles, to top quality. Knowing how to inspire and lead, selflessly and wisely, we built teams who understood the field and listened to clients' needs.

Year after year, American Alliance grew from a local security company to a powerful team of security experts across the region. The range of services and clientele is constantly expanding. The company's expertise becomes more serious and complex as we track trends in the security industry, including the increasing customer needs and demands. We are proud to be looked at not just as a security service provider, but a partner in protection to our clients when it comes to risk management, safety, and business efficiency. 


We have therefore adopted the principles of top quality and vision of our clients' protection as our responsibility, in the communities in which we live and work. These principles have been adopted as a guide to the overall development of our agency. Following such principles, American Alliance Security Agency as a company maintains high professional standards as well as a vision of growth and development, while focusing on contributions towards the general better of our society.

Continuous improvement of the quality of service provided through consistent application of legal solutions and technological improvements of equipment, investing in our personnel's knowledge, and raising the level of professionalism through mutual satisfaction of clients and employees are some of the core values that form the foundation of American Alliance Security Agency.

We ventured into the industry to create the best security company in New Hampshire, and we continue to exercise this ideology daily. Our clients continuously rave about the superior value of our service, specifically our prompt response time, courteous 24/7 availability, and the vigilance of our highly-trained, professional security officers.