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Our Story

American Alliance Security Agency was founded by two visionaries - Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Azmir Lilic and 

Managing Director, Mr. Armin Coric. Azmir and Armin were immigrants at one point who came to the United States from war-torn Bosnia, as survivors of the Bosnian Genocide. They have since used their routes and personal life experiences as a source of inspiration to singlehandedly succeed and achieve the American Dream.


Coming to the United States with literally nothing at separate points in their lives in search of greener pastures - they furthered their education and each achieved a college education. They were both the first in their families to ever graduate from college, as this unprecedented opportunity was very rare at the time in Bosnia due to this level of success usually only being attributed to wealthier individuals with larger networks of influential people. Neither factors applied to either Azmir's or Armin's families.


Azmir earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Policing & Law Enforcement, while also taking courses in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University, while Armin got his Bachelor of Science degree in Cyber Security and Information Technology from the University of Vermont. With this great achievement of having the value of higher education, each member reached an important milestone in their lives. With their degrees, Azmir went on to work for various organizations within the public safety sector, while Armin became part of several different well-reputable security service providers. 


Then one day, the two sought after each other and came to a common understanding that something was lacking in the security industry. For years now, the security industry has been on a downward spiral when it came to customer service and prompt response time. Our two founding members of American Alliance Security Agency decided things needed to change within the industry and conceived the idea to establish a truly remarkable security company that provides excellent service that is above and beyond regular industry standards, coupled with the full backed up experience each founding member amassed over the years.

"Our security officers, who are trained in the proper ways of safety, security and situational awareness are detrimental to the success of American Alliance Security Agency. To train your guards with the right knowledge, skills, and instincts is a MUST for every security company." - Azmir Lilic, CEO.


Starting small in Manchester, NH with only 3 staff members (including the founding members), American Alliance has truly grown gloriously, as it continues to do so. We are proud to say that American Alliance Security Agency has helped thousands of businesses - local, national, and global - secure their facilities, protect their people from danger and has even saved companies millions of dollars in property damage and potential lawsuits all across New England.

With their first-hand experience in the industry, an entrepreneurial sense of business and creating energy, Mr. Lilic and Mr. Coric sought to bring things, despite obstacles, to top quality. The two knew how to inspire and lead, selflessly and wisely, building teams that understood the job of security and listened to clients' needs. We have therefore adopted the principles of top quality and vision of our clients' protection as our responsibility, in the communities in which we live and work. These principles have been adopted as a guide to the overall development of the company. Following such principles, American Alliance Security Agency as a company maintains high professional standards as well as a vision of growth and development and contributes to the general better of our society.

“Security officers serve to provide protection. If you are to entrust them the safety of your life and limb, they need to be professionally and regularly trained, as well as properly equipped. That is the difference between American Alliance Security Agency, and not all, but most other private security companies in New Hampshire and further." - Armin Coric, Managing Director.

Continuous improvement of the quality of service provided through consistent application of legal solutions and technological improvements of equipment, investment in knowledge, increasing the number of employees, raising the level of professionalism through mutual satisfaction of clients and employees, are some of the core values that form the foundation of American Alliance Security Agency.


Year after year, the company has grown from a local security agency to a powerful team of experts across the region. The range of services and clientele has been constantly expanding. The company's expertise became more serious and complex and tracked trends in the security industry, as well as increasing customer needs. We have become a premier partner in protection of our clients in the prevention of safety risks.


We ventured into the industry to create the best security service company in New Hampshire. Over the years, our clients continuously rave about the superior value of our services, specifically our prompt response time, courteous callbacks and the vigilance of our highly-trained, professional security officers.