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Pine Acres RV Campground

Raymond, NH

"I am currently using American Alliance Security for a very large campground in NH with a notorious reputation. The Officers (Alex and Alan) who represent the Manchester, NH branch have delivered on so many levels. They are extremely professional, provide a high level of quality service and are overall really good guys. I presented American Alliance Security Agency with a really tall task and challenge regarding the safety and security of our guests and the overall behavior that has been exhibited in the park in the past. Alex and Alan have responded ten fold. In the last two weeks we have been using AASA there have been ZERO responses or calls needed from local authorities. There have been ZERO issues or complaints from within the campground. Security was needed, Security was obtained and now Security is observed as professional, courteous and a presence. This is the best business decision I have made. Thank you AASA (Giovanni, Alex and Alan)."

- Steve Grant, Camp Manager

Saint Anselm College

Manchester, NH

"Your team was very professional and easy to work with. I undoubtedly would look to your organization in the future to aid us in any and all security needs on campus. Please thank each and everyone of them for their dedication to the job, their professionalism did not go unnoticed."


- David Mckillop, Assistant Director

True Religion

Merrimack, NH

"You guys have been a phenomenal help to our store. From the moment your officers arrived, they had smiles on their faces and greeted every customer that walked through our doors. When we get very busy, one officer goes to the back of the store to keep an eye on the fitting rooms and prevent shoplifting scenarios. It is truly a pleasure working with your company."

- Cameron Aries, Assistant Store Manager


Newington, NH

"I just wanted to take the time to let someone know how grateful we were for the guard we had (Frank) a few weeks ago. He was professional, attentive and showed a great attention to detail while he was here. He made the team feel comfortable during an uncomfortable situation. Please extend out gratitude and a thank you for a job well done!"

- Tara Baker, Store Manager

Home Depot

Salem, NH

"I work for Home Depot in Salem NH and wanted to let you know how great it is to have Alan stationed with us for crowd control. He is a valuable addition to our store and makes his presence known which is comforting during this trying time."

- Christine Schnepp, Assistant Store Manager


Market Basket

Londonderry, NH 

“Our associates and staff are no longer harassed or caught up in stressful situations while store operations and transactions are as smooth as ever."

- Stacie Nelson, Store Manager 

Phantom Fireworks

Seabrook, NH

"I was extremely happy with level of service your company provided!"

- Meagan Kearns, District Manager

Twin Towers Condominiums

Manchester, NH

"The crew we have at our apartments does an EXCELLENT job. We had plenty of problems but they cleaned the place up!! No more needles in our hallways, no more drunks hanging around, no more loud parties. THANK YOU AASA!"

- Bradley Couture, Board Member

Residences at Riverwalk

Manchester, NH

"We had a lot of loitering around on our property where we would find tons of empty beer bottles all the time which we would have to clean up. I stopped by after hours myself one time and found about 15 people behind our building. I tried talking to them politely but that proved ineffective. We called the police constantly and they would make them leave, but the people would come back eventually. We hired AASA and we have not had problems since. We don’t see beer bottles or trash nor do we have the punks coming around anymore. We appreciate everything your officers do!"

- Richard Sweeney, Manager

Ogunquit Playhouse

Ogunquit, ME


"Thank you so much for responding after hours on a Friday night. I see why your company has a 5 star rating on Google. We have been so pleased with your company and the service that you are providing, I am telling everyone I know every chance I get."


- Dawn Pahel, Director of Business Operations

Nationwide Security Service

Malden, MA

"Mr. Coric has serviced our clients locations with the utmost consistency and quality week in and week out for years. Our Clients consistently give Mr. Coric and his staff the highest marks for client satisfaction.


Should a concern arise, Mr. Coric is always available to discuss and rectify the situation at hand. In terms of reliability, Mr. Coric has always been able to make last minute coverage requests happen as well as additions to service."

- Gary Zamperelli, Manager