7 Ways Security Officers Help Your Business!

When you think of security guard services, you may think the only benefit would be the overall security of your business. While that’s a good reason to hire security guards, there are other benefits as well!

Our security officers at American Alliance Security Agency are trained to go beyond just helping with security measures. They’re incredibly useful in other areas of your business as well. You might just find that your security guards are even more valuable than you originally thought. You may even experience a boost in sales and customers!


1. Guiding Customers

It’s not unusual for our security guards to serve as both guards and guides. Having an extra hand to help guide customers, visitors and even new staff around large businesses, malls and parking lots is always beneficial. With our security officers, you get both security and a guide.

2. Increasing Profits & Property Value

While your security guards are busy protecting everyone, they’re also helping to boost your profits and property values. For instance, having a security guard in a retail business helps to reduce theft, increase customers and reduce property damage.

In gated communities and businesses, security guards increase the value of the property by reducing crime in the area. This encourages more residents (especially those with families and children) and other establishments to do business with you.

3. Encourage More Business

Customers love to know they’re shopping in a safe environment. No one wants to bring their children to a place of business where they fear for their safety. This is why they prefer shopping in well-lit shopping centers and malls. Adding security guards inside and outside of your business shows customers that they’re in a more secure environment. It also shows that you care about the safety of your customers and employees. This encourages more customers - more sales. Just by being visible, your security guards are helping drum up more business for you. Think of the added security as a marketing investment!

4. Providing Customer Service

Our security guards are always going above and beyond when it comes to customer service. A few of ways our security guards might help with customer service include:

  • Helping bag items

  • Assisting customers with heavy items

  • Providing opinions and guidance on different products

  • Doing a quick price check

  • Helping customers find what they need

  • Assisting disabled or elderly customers

All of this extra customer service also boosts your business’s reputation. This leads to even more business - trust us, we've seen it happen multiple times!

5. Improving Staff Attitude / Deterring Internal Theft

You may already know that having a security guard helps to reduce internal theft from employees. However, it can also reduce negative attitudes and petty infighting among your staff. Believe it or not, no one wants to seem like a threat to a security guard, due to the fear of getting caught. If they're up to no good, the last thing they want is to be on the guard's radar. Ultimately, this reduces the chances of internal / employee theft (which will hurt your business), while employees work in a safer environment for all.

6. Greet People

It’s not uncommon for our security guards to be stationed at a front desk, door or gate. Not only do they monitor who comes and goes, but they also serve as the first impression many people have of your business. The way they greet customers and visitors sets the tone for the person’s entire visit. A warm greeting and offering to direct them to the correct place ensures anyone visiting your business feels more welcome and spreads the word about your business!

7. Help During Emergencies

Our security guards are trained to stay calm in emergency situations. This doesn’t just apply to security problems, such as a shoplifter or active shooter. This applies to natural disasters, health problems and more. For instance, if someone is having a heart attack, they can help keep everyone out of the way and aid the victim until help arrives. In the even of a fire, they can calmly guide employees to the safest exits and even use any active surveillance cameras to direct firefighters.



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