Choosing Between Armed & Unarmed Security Services

The first step to a thriving business is acknowledging how safety and protection plays a vital role in its success. Security cameras are not a proper replacement for a physical presence that is prepared to intervene at any given moment. Security guards provide an invaluable level of security against an ever-changing and unpredictable world. Whether you need orderly assistance at a large event, or require a strong back up team in your store, our trained security guards will surpass all expectations. Choosing between armed and unarmed services can be difficult when you lack the essential knowledge behind both. However, with our help, you can finally find the best options available in New Hampshire and throughout New England.


Our dedicated team of guards exceed the average duties of monitoring and ensuring the peace. With advanced training and extensive experience, our guards can assist with an incredible range of activities such as directing traffic, driving, escorting and providing medical attention. Whatever it may be, our highly qualified guards are eager to protect your endeavors in a professional and civilized manner.


In most cases, a strong authority figure is enough to prevent unwanted activities during an event or around your business. Our unarmed security guards are well trained in self-defense and maintain a great physique for when duty calls. General businesses should promote a friendly atmosphere where guards appear happy to provide assistance and protection to everyone. Having an armed guard can cause guests or customers to be uncomfortable and often put you at risk for liability. So, in attempts to deter vandalism, shoplifting or trespassing, it’s best to utilize unarmed security services. Locations like schools or department stores are the ideal spots for these guards, as most people are likely to respond well to them without the need of further measures.


Our highly trained armed guards possess an intimidating yet professional presence that establishes order and deters illegal activities. We conduct a thorough background check to ensure that our guards are trained to use firearms and can maintain a level-head in difficult situations.

There are quite a few situations that call for more intensive security from armed professionals. If your business (or surrounding area) attracts heavy theft or violence, you’re going to need guards who can protect you, other customers and themselves. Armed security guards would be extremely beneficial for buildings with little security, businesses who sell valuable goods or places that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.



Who are you to the public? We want you to really think about the effect your business has on the public. Are you at risk for being targeted? Is your merchandise expensive or highly sought after? Is the surrounding area prone to robberies? If you tend to worry about the safety of your staff, guests and goods, then an armed security guard is the perfect solution. However, if you wish to simply make your guests wary, yet feel secure at your store or event, an unarmed guard would be the best fit.

What kind of impression do you want to make? Remember who your client base is. Are you trying to intimidate them or simply let them know that you’re serious about keeping your place of business in order? In most cases, frightening a client or guest with an armed guard service can have a negative impact on your business. However, sometimes you want passerby or guests to know you have a high level of security. It’s crucial that you understand the different atmospheres that both services will provide to select the correct one.

What is your budget? Although both of our armed and unarmed security guards have an incredible amount of expertise, their costs differ. Because of the great amount of training and licensing requirements, our armed guards are more expensive to hire. Please, do not let cost be a factor in your decision making, as loss prevention and safety should be your highest priority. Leaving your business or events vulnerable can lead to even more expenses and issues in the future.

We understand how difficult it is to find a trustworthy partner to help protect something you’ve built. That’s why we value your trust and strive to provide you with the safest and most professional services out there.


American Alliance Security Agency, Inc.