• Vince Torres

Security Guard Officer On-Duty With Daughter

As much as all of us strive to separate our work life from our personal life, sometimes that’s not an option.

Case in point.

A security guard had no choice but to take his sick daughter into work because of his low pay. He even bought her a pillow so she could be comfortable.

Restless Security Guard Cares For His Sick Child At Work.

The father who is a security guard, works in a money remittance center somewhere in Pacita. The sick girl’s father was on-duty during the time.

Many citizens were touched with the security guard’s dedication towards his daughter. Others were concerned for the little girl’s safety since being a security guard is a high-risk job.

According to the father, nobody would look after her back at home, and due to his meager pay, he couldn’t afford to take a day off, thus he had no other choice but to bring her to his workplace feeling ill.

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