The Importance of Professional Event Security

When it comes to event security, here at American Alliance Security Agency we take the safety of you and your guests very seriously. Not only do we provide professional and trained event security staff, but we always pre-plan every little detail to ensure you have a stress-free experience and can focus on your guests.

Maintain crowd control, meet venue requirements and regulations, make your guests feel secure, and deter disorderly behavior.

Professional Event Security

When organizing an event, it is important to plan how you will manage the crowd. Managing a crowd requires skills because not everyone will behave as expected. Depending on the size of your event, you need to hire enough guards who can tighten up security and ensure everyone on premises is safe and secure. Do not make the mistake of organizing an event without security guards. Without security, anything can happen.

From company celebrations to large corporate conferences or trade-shows, security guards can add a stabilizing presence to any event. The basic investment in hiring security for a large event provides peace of mind and assurance that if anything gets out of hand, you have professionals present to handle the situation. And while most events will run very smoothly and without incident, it is best to be prepared for the unexpected.

As the organizer of any event, it is your (and your company’s) responsibility to keep your guests and attendees safe. Hiring professional security for your event will ensure that your event remains safe and that you give your guests peace of mind. This is especially important if your guest list includes high-profile company executives or politicians.

Security helps promote a sense of safety at your event.

The following are some important reasons why a security presence may be necessary at your next event:

Crowd Management

If you are expecting a large crowd, security staff can assist with the flow of guests, give directions and handle access control for areas that may have limited entry. They can also protect areas that may be off-limits to guests. Any large event should have a security presence.

Parking Enforcement

Security officers can manage the parking arrangements for your guests. They can conduct the flow of traffic and ensure that guests park in approved and designated areas for the event. Ensuring that your guests are able to find parking, and leave their vehicle parked safely is very important. They can watch over the vehicles during the event and escort guests to cars and transportation after dark.

Access Control

Access control can include bag checks at entry locations as well as ID or credential verification, metal detectors or security pat downs. They can monitor guest lists, allowing only approved personnel through the entrance.

Monitor Guest Behavior

Many venues may require a security guard if alcohol is being served at an event. Security staff can monitor guests, deter rowdy behavior and if necessary, remove patrons from the event. Professional security specialists can handle a delicate or uncomfortable situation which takes the burden off of the event organizer and creates an overall safer environment for everyone involved.

Contact Authorities

In the event of an unfortunate incident, security personnel will be the first to contact emergency medical services (EMS) or call an ambulance or the local police department if necessary.

Simply having a security presence is a great deterrent to inappropriate behavior and crime.

Event Security Services Provided:

When our security officers are working on-site, they are capable of providing a variety of important services which will instill a peace of mind on your guests, including the following important functions:

  • Monitoring guest list, allowing only approved personnel entrance.

  • Parking lot security, keeping an eye on cars, and guests’ valuables.

  • Offer to call a cab for guests who are unable to drive home.

  • Call EMS services in the case of a medical situation.

  • Provide a visible deterrent to any would-be intruders.

Benefits of Hiring a Security Company

When organizing a larger event, it is important to plan how you will manage the crowd.

Having security working on-site for any event you host is not only a way to give you and your guests comfort and security, but it also helps to add to the level of professionalism you have, especially when you are hosting corporate events and conferences. By providing security and protection, you are showing potential business partners, investors and associates that you genuinely care for their well-being as well as their own personal interests.

Whether you are planning a private gathering or hosting a formal work event, having a security team on your side is highly recommended to keep everyone safe and protected at all times.

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