Property Management


Faced with safety concerns regarding a large homeless population and unsecured access points, a residential property in Manchester, NH turned to American Alliance Security Agency for a personalized, comprehensive security solution.


The specific pilot location in which this program was initially implemented encountered issues with vagrancy, due to close proximity to Manchester's largest homeless community. In addition to their presence, residents' vehicles were constantly getting broken into, residents were getting attacked and robbed, the building was constantly getting burglarized, and drug paraphernalia was becoming a major issue throughout the building's hallways, stairwells, and parking lots.


After our security consultants conducted a thorough risk assessment,

American Alliance Security Agency worked hand-in-hand with our client to develop a Request For Proposal (RFP) tailored to avoid unnecessary labor costs while addressing the specific security needs of this site. A customized video surveillance system was designed to provide perimeter protection to be monitored by American Alliance Security Agency Dispatch security officers during the overnight hours with tiers of escalating response. The specific cameras chosen for this site utilize onboard analytics, which were programmed for loitering behavior in order to address the vagrancy issue. 

We also provided, armed and uniformed security officers on-site, along with a marked mobile patrol vehicle. The duties of our on-site security officers included ensuring all doors and access points to the property were locked and secure and  patrolling the interior of the building on foot and the exterior by vehicle. The on-site security officers would communicate directly with our 24/7 Dispatch Center via long-range radios. 

The full solution features the following:

• Exterior high-definition cameras with behavioral analytic technology in selected locations to monitor the main areas of concern.

• High-quality audio speakers allowing for remote, real-time communication to address individuals in areas of interest.

• On-site armed security officers to immediately address interior administration and security needs.

• Coordination with American Alliance Security Agency Dispatch Center for response to events requiring a physical presence after-hours and on holidays.


This unique, custom-designed security solution has not only shifted the vagrancy population and reduced the associated incidents, but has also led to decreased labor costs and increased efficiency for the on-site security officers. The coordination between multiple pillars of American Alliance Security Agency's protective services is pivotal to the success of this program. Proactive situation management during those overnight hours allows for better safety of on-site and Mobile Patrol Officers as they are handled through our 24/7 Dispatch Center. Our Dispatch Center also allows the client to experience immediate updates and incident reports, while providing the on-site security officers with improved situational awareness. This combination of tools and resources implemented through our solution has yielded noticeable results, including:

• Increased visible security presence utilizing mobile patrols.

• Improved responsiveness with various levels of response.

• Strengthened ability to address situations proactively patrolling and securing the entire premises.