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Our Security Officers

Our security officers are certified, insured, and trained. In today's society, we realize how important it is to provide the best protection for you. Through the provision of concrete services of physical protection of our clients and persistence on the quality of services provided, we strive to establish a leading position in our community. We can meet all the requirements directed to the physical protection of people and property. 


Our goal is to be the most reliable partner to our clients in all matters of security, risk prevention, and business efficiency. This why we offer a full suite of security and protective services in one place. It is our commitment to always go above and beyond to protect the values and assets that matter most to our clients.

We create ever-increasing and specific requirements for our security officers. In order to meet such conditions, we solely focus on advanced training, to be able to guarantee the best of security and safety to our clients. This is our very important core of competence. We remain focused on acquiring knowledge and skills through a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients in each field.


Here at American Alliance, we truly believe that we have assembled the finest civilian security force. We do thorough pre-employment screening and training. By treating our employees with the same respect and attention to detail that we provide to our clients, we maintain a security service second to none.

Patrol Services

Foot Patrols

We understand the importance of security at your business. Whether you are a large manufacturing facility or a small business, you can benefit from the presence of a security officer. In today’s day and age security has become a necessity for companies. Foot patrol is one of the most effective ways to keep crime out of your business. Our foot patrol officers have the ability to secure all aspects of your business from the inside, out. They are able to become more interactive with the staff gaining the trust of all employees, promoting a healthier and safer work environment for everyone involved. Our foot patrol officers can be used as a constant moving security presence at your business, as well as work the main gate monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of your facility.

What are security officers are trained to do when conducting foot patrols:

  • Constant surveillance of the interior and exterior of your property.

  • Ensure only authorized individuals gain access to your facilities.

  • Look for, recognize, and report safety hazards, as well as maintenance issues.

  • Quickly and professionally respond to emergencies.

  • Be in instant connection with local law enforcement.

  • Randomly patrol the premises for maximum security.

  • Provide a safe atmosphere and peace of mind on your premises.

Mobile Patrol

Along with securing your company’s property and assets we know how important it is to make your employees feel secure at work. We can ensure that your company is secure from all crime and theft with our mobile patrol units. Our mobile patrol units provide your facility with constant surveillance at a faster pace than an officer on foot. Our officers continually patrol the grounds in a highly marked security vehicle helping to deter criminals. The benefit of mobile patrol is in its speed, wherever an incident is occurring on the property the mobile patrol has a much faster response time than an officer on foot. It is also beneficial to your company because it is a highly visible security patrol which in itself helps prevent crime.

We offer traditional mobile patrol car services in which we station a security officer to make rounds of the exterior of your premises. This is the most viable option for larger properties wherein the mobile patrol needs to be conducted efficiently while being visible.

All Your Security Needs in One Place

Not all corporations and businesses have the same security needs. This is why your security service package should be custom-tailored to your business. American Alliance has worked with thousands of businesses to assess their security needs in order to provide the most ironclad custom security solution to their individual problems.

How do we do it? We handpick the right people and pair them up with our training specialists. Our security personnel go through extensive training that will prepare them to deal with the outside world. We have built amazing client relations over the years thanks to our quick responsiveness from our management teams and the help from our security officers.

We start with understanding your specific needs, then we’ll create a custom-tailored security package just for your business. The result is a custom proactive security solution that you can trust!

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