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Security Services in Keene NH

Looking For a Security Service Provider in Keene New Hampshire?

If you're looking for a security service provider in Keene NH, you've come to the right place. Our services consist of,

  • Guard Services

  • Security Systems

  • Corporate Security Services

  • Car Patrols

Tell me if this sounds about right. You're experiencing loitering, trespassing, people overdosing, homelessness, and common crime. Most likely your answer is a resounding yes.

In these times, more than ever, there has been a rise in crime and a rise in people using drugs. Unfortunately it's a common occurrence and it's only getting worse. So what is one to do about it?

You can always call the police and rely on them. I wish it were that simple. The police know about these issues already and in most cases they can't do much unless they see it happen or there are enough complaints and/or reports that support any claim of crime on your property. The police also have a priorities list. It goes something like this,

99% of the time, trespassing, vandalism, loitering fits under priority 5. It's very common for the police to respond to these incidents in hours even sometimes days. So what's the solution?

Your hire a security company that can meet your demands with response times that are fast and reliable. As any business you'd like to save money and that's understandable. American Alliance Security Agency has worked with hundreds of businesses nationwide and saved them countless headaches and problems and all on a budget.

We've deterred crime away from residential properties, commercial buildings, protected hundreds of people working in a factory from an ex-employee who tried to threaten human life. We've made people feel safe again. We've brought a sense of security & safety to the public and businesses nationwide.

Now it's your turn, what are you going to do about your security issue, hire police officers and pay up to $200 per hour or reach out to us? We'll provide you a complete security assessment of your property. We'll meet all your needs with fast response times and all on a budget.


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