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Security Training 

American Alliance Security Agency requires that all our security personnel participate in our training programs, where they must meet or exceed all mandated training requirements.


We have developed training programs that cover the broad range of categories and diverse environments of every industry we serve. All of our core training programs and customized training procedures far surpass industry norms. It is just part of our commitment to empower our employees and deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

Core Training

Our core training program covers the basic skills required by all our security officers to succeed in their role.


Some training topics include:


  • Role of a security officer 

  • Legal powers of a security officer 

  • Communications

  • Ethics & Professional Conduct

  • Trespass to property act

  • Report writing

  • Health and safety


  • Use of force awareness

  • Fire extinguisher / fire safety awareness training

  • Radio and tactical communication

  • Government legislation

  • Introduction to law

  • Customer service

  • Conflict resolution

  • Powers of arrest

  • Public relations

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Breach of security

  • Leadership

Customized Training

In conjunction with client management, we aim to develop a comprehensive site-specific training program and post orders, which include all subjects specifically related to the client’s facility and security requirements. Every security officer at American Alliance also receives additional specialized accredited training designed specifically to meet the requirements of their site assignment, including:

  • Access control

  • Behavioral recognition

  • Canine handling

  • Metal detection

  • Fire panel training

  • Central dispatch

  • CCTV operations

  • Security escorting

  • Surveillance techniques

  • Traffic control

  • Patrol techniques

  • Advanced customer service

  • Special event security

  • First Aid / CPR / DFIB

  • Vehicle checks

Continuing Education

Training does not stop after the initial classroom and on-the-job sessions. It is ongoing. To ensure complete familiarity with changing client specifications, certain training areas that are critical to each facility’s operation are repeated at various times throughout the year. Our supervisors assess each security officer’s job knowledge, and working with the client, determine areas where supplementary training may be required and ensure that new procedures and policies are fully comprehended by our security officers. Workshops on various topics, such as advanced report writing, are also offered as a mind refresher. Continued training is also conducted during field inspection visits, carried out by our roving field supervisors.


Supervision is an essential component of any successful security operation. Our emphasis on supervision is a key factor in our quality control program and impacts directly on all facets of service delivery. In our business, where we are handed the responsibility and trust of protecting both lives and multi-million dollar facilities, supervision must take on many dimensions.

Quality Control

We perform routine inspections using our field supervisors. Field supervisors are first level management personnel with the authority to make on-the-spot corrections, interact with our clients and ensure that their specifications are met. Our field supervisors perform inspections on a frequent, unannounced basis, and provide reports detailing results to both American Alliance senior management and our client.

Employee Retention

Personnel continuity is maximized through benefit, incentive and compensation programs as well as close, regular supervision. Low turnover is a consequence of a screening process, which focuses on exceptional personnel who are provided incentives for both longevity and performance. American Alliance provides a supportive environment for our employees with continuing training so that they can better perform their duties and feel proud of the work they do. Awards are given for excellence in job performance and achievements are acknowledged on our social media sites. We also provide excellent health benefits to our security officers, as well as special quality-of-life extras such as a day off in celebration of birthdays.

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