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Every page and material made accessible for download on this website belongs to American Alliance Security Agency and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries. Each content on the site is made available for information purposes only.


Below are the terms of a legal agreement between you and American Alliance Security Agency. Hence, browsing, accessing and/or using this website means you acknowledge that you read, understood, and agree you are bounded by these terms and to obey all applicable regulations and laws. If you do not agree with the following rules, do not use this site.


No Proprietary or Aggressive Content

User shall not post, reproduce or distribute any material or posts onto the Website that contains harmful, belligerent, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, obscene, vulgar, abusive or illegal content of any sort. Any kind of discrimination or hateful speech due to race, gender, nationality, age, sexual preference, disability and so on will be condoned, and User shall be subject to elimination.

User agrees to abide by every applicable intellectual property laws such as trademark, copyright, trade secret, and patent laws through their Postings. Examples of such laws contain, but not restricted to, books, articles, publications, video, music, photos, artwork, and internal business manuals and documents.


You Are Accountable For Your Actions

A user is entirely responsible for all their actions and its subsequent consequences.

This Website is only available to authorized users, and Users are obliged not to link or make any other action which may leave the site open to third parties.


Beware of Anti-trust Issues

Postings are submitted and edited to facilitate an open dialogue between Users. The Site should not be used as a medium to effectuate a trade restraint or carry out any concerted illegal action. Users should avoid discussion of pricing, fees, and any other anti-competitive behaviors.

The Website offer content which provides alternatives through which Users can mold their policies, practices or carry out comparative due diligence, relevant to their specific operational circumstances.


Debate Issues not Quarrel

A user is obliged to conduct friendly debates by voicing personal preferences or opinions on posted issues. Threats, vulgar language, personal attacks or abuse will not be condoned.

Users agree to abstain from attributing quotations to one another with the aim of furthering opinions, discussions, debates, or support the credibility of statement based on the acknowledgment supplied by User without the permission of the individual. American Alliance may rid all quotation which seems to violate this term.


SPAMMING is Prohibited!

User agrees to avoid Postings containing spam, junk mail, chain letters or any other solicitations. User agrees to prevent the use of any Postings, names or information on the Site for distribution lists to third parties without seeking permission from that individual.


Link With Care

To obey the copyright law, Users agrees to honor the intellectual property right one another and shall only make Hypertext linking to either;

  • The home page of any third party website or

  • Any page of a government website, public document, or public institution website


User will respect authors’ right and avoid direct linking to publications, news source, or articles, without taking express permission from the author or website owner.


Ads are Prohibited

Users shall not offer or advertise any services or goods, or any related activities on the Site. However, American Alliance reserves the right to post any informational marketing material regarding its services, products, and those endorsed by American Alliance.


No Professional Advice

User agrees that the Postings are merely the views of individuals and neither does the Postings, nor the Site contains legal, professional or accounting advice. If User needs professional help, he/she shall kindly consult the appropriate professional.


American Alliance Security Agency Rights

  • AASA reserves to right to delete any Postings without notice for reasons best known to her and at any time.

  • AASA the right to block User for any prohibited conduct, postings or behaviors.

  • AASA can edit, post, redistribute, transmit, delete, or modify or Postings by User without seeking his/her permission.


Site’s Intellectual Property/Ownership

Once a Posting is made, User hereby grants AASA the royalty-free, perpetual , unlimited and worldwide license to reproduce, use, sell, distribute, license, or sub-license the content by any means and in any manner, either now available or created later as well as the ability to make derivate works or complications thereof.


Representations and Warranties

  • AASA makes no representation or warranties concerning any content, postings, results, or discussions made from using the Site by the User. AASA makes no warranties or representations concerning the accuracy or reliability of any information gotten from the Site posted by Users.

  • AASA makes no representations or warranties as to the technical services associated with the use of the Site, including; however, not limited to timely, uninterrupted, or error-free functions.



AASA expressly disclaims any warranty, be it implied or express, as well as without limitation any warranty of merchantability for specific non-infringement or purpose.

AASA is not answerable to any Postings, whether incorrect or inaccurate, by the User or by any means connected to any of the Services offered by the Site.

Including links to any website does not denote the sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of AASA and AASA is not accounted for the accuracy, opinions or content provided on those linked sites.


  • For any concern, question or issue concerning the Site, kindly contact the Site Moderator listed.

  • Any notice

  • All notices shall be given to the Site Moderator and shall be effectively delivered upon receipt.



AASA shall do its best to maintain the confidentiality of the User. However, AASA is not responsible for any harm that User suffers due to a breach of confidentiality


The term and condition of the Website are affirmatively acknowledged by User before the use of the Site or becoming a member of the AASA. The terms and conditions contain all the agreement between the User and AASA concerning the Site and its related services.