14 Good Reasons to Hire a Security Agency

Security guards don’t have to be used just for celebrities. A security professional, trained to provide safety and support at your place of business or special event, just might save the day. Investing in a security company is priceless peace of mind. Having a security guard on site can save you big money by deterring crime and shoplifting. From small business operations to retail stores, to commercial & residential properties, here are the 14 reasons it’s wise to hire security.

1.  You will have less stress as the owner/manager of your business—when someone has your financial and physical back, you can focus on running your company.

2.  Shoplifting, crime, and employee theft take a nosedive with an on-site security presence.

3. Someone will be your eyes and ears 24/7. Security cameras can only do so much and much of it is very ineffective. There are criminals who have been caught on camera before and still walked away clean. You need to stop trouble before it starts. Having a security officer on-site does just that.

4. By investing in your employee safety, you boost morale and dedication

5. Trained guards take witness statements and collect evidence in case of a crime or accident. That’s convenient for you because it could save your business thousands to millions in lawsuits.

6. Escort employees and customers after dark. Retail people will get this the most. It’s 10 pm and you and 3 other employees need to close up the store. You head outside where your vehicle is parked, in some instances it could be a garage or in a giant parking lot. In a moment’s notice, anything can happen. Wouldn’t It be nice if a security guard watched over your nightly employees? Wouldn’t you have peace of mind knowing that your employees got home safe? I know I would.

7. You ever get the subconscious feeling where you are in an awkward position in asking someone to leave? Yea that feeling, well guess what? That’s where a security guard comes in handy because they have no problem in telling people to leave the premise.

8. Handle crowd control if it’s a large event such as a concert

9. Own a club or bar? How convenient would it be if you had someone monitor venue requirements if alcohol is being served? What if kids under the age of 21 try to sneak in to your bar/club. Something like this can shut down your business permanently. Is that something you are willing to risk?

10. No one likes dealing with difficult people especially the ones with rowdy behavior. Security guards are trained to deal with this type of behavior, it’s part of their job. If you have a security officer on-site, they will intervene if something like this happens, so you can focus on what’s important, running your business.

11. Keep guests safe. Who wouldn’t want their guests safe?

12. Deter crime or theft. This is the obvious one, but for some businesses they don’t even consider how bad a situation could get if someone is trespassing.

13. Have a professional on hand in case of accident or crime.

14. Keep cars safe by avoiding parking lot break-ins. This is by far one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. That valuable thing in your car could be gone the next day because you either forgot to lock your car or shut a window up completely. Now if you had a security officer monitor your place of business, it wouldn’t cross the criminals mind to even try doing it.