Why Choose Us?

Privately Owned Security Company

While this may seem like a small detail at first, think about the priorities of some of the national, publicly traded security companies. They must please a board of directors, investors, and stock analysts. Due to American Alliance Security Agency being privately owned, we are able to make satisfying our clients our top priority. We answer only to you, and we will never sacrifice quality to increase stock market dividends.

New Hampshire-Based, New Hampshire-Focused

We know the needs of our clients in New Hampshire, as well as all 6 of our New England states. Other companies may spread themselves too thin trying to gain a foothold all over the country, but we concentrate on one region so we can provide hands-on, personal service for each of our clients.

Firmly Established Security Company

Our management teams have amassed decades of collective security, military and law enforcement experience, and the same people have been with the company for years. We believe in taking care of our employees and building long-term relationships with our clients. At American Alliance Security Agency, you can rest assured that you’ll always reach the same people you’ve known and trusted for years when you need us.

We Listen to Your Needs

Another advantage of being privately owned, locally based, and consistently staffed is the ability to offer one-on-one attention. We will sit down with you to understand your needs, assess your vulnerabilities, and recommend the best response with a program that meets your security, public relations and budget objectives. We can also respond immediately to any problems or changes in your needs.

We Continually Evaluate Our Progress

Unlike many security companies who send over their employees and hope for the best, American Alliance Security Agency maintains the highest levels of accountability for our officers. In addition to assigning attentive account managers and post supervisors, we set ourselves apart by deploying our exclusive team of highly trained roving field supervisors who visit your site, evaluate our employees’ performance, ensure compliance to procedures and provide coaching and even additional training for specific situations.

We Hire Only The Best Security Personnel

Our pre-employment screening includes a thorough interview process, a complete background check, an honesty and drug profile, a criminal history check, fingerprint checks. We offer an unparalleled classroom and field training program for our security officers which teaches proper procedures, state law, using good judgment, communication skills, code of conduct, courtesy and much more. We also periodically evaluate our employees’ needs and offer a continuing plan of education and training for additional skills.

You'll Never Pay Too Much

Instead of using a rigid, standard rate sheet, at American Alliance Security Agency we evaluate the individual needs of each potential client prior to preparing an actual security proposal. We consider all of the variables, including the complexity of your needs, geographic location, your budget objectives, duration and volume of service, and more.