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Concierge Security Services

When hiring security services, the primary objective of any business or organization is to enhance safety. However, you should also consider the additional benefits that concierge security services can offer.


A typical day for our security officers providing concierge services includes:


  • Greeting, directing, and checking in visitors.

  • Monitoring operational procedures.

  • Enforcing access control, so only authorized personnel enter the building.

  • Checking packages and bags as needed.

  • Maintaining surveillance of assigned areas.

  • Providing customer service for residents, guests, and/or visitors.

  • Responding to calls for assistance and investigating suspicious situations.

  • Personal safety escorting.

  • Process serving.

  • Custodial transfers.

  • Protecting the property from all kinds of threats, including fire, theft, and accidents.

  • Writing accident and incident reports for any safety hazards or suspicious activities.


Concierge security services provide the ideal solution for companies looking for a more casual but effective security service that adds more value to their clients.


Here are some noteworthy benefits:

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