Patrol Division

The uniformed Patrol Division is the most highly visible component of American Alliance Security Agency. Working 24/7/365, the Patrol Division represents the bulk of our agency's staffing. The objectives of the Patrol Division are to:


  • Proactively execute the security and protective responsibilities of the agency through preventive patrol and active enforcement of our clients' procedures, regulations, and policies. 

  • Perform a variety of diverse security services for our clients including enforcement, general assistance, emergency assistance, public information and directions, alleviating hazards, and all other duties revolving around the protection of life and property.


Security officers assigned to the Patrol Division work in partnership with our clients to be able to provide high-quality service.


The Patrol Division is under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, who is responsible for all uniformed functions of the agency. This includes training, hiring, promotions, assigning, scheduling, special events, payroll, and fleet management. 


Every tour of duty has a shift commander. They are responsible for the general supervision and command of shift supervisors. Shift commanders report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.


Shift supervisors are assigned to each primary patrol shift, reporting to their shift commanders. Supervisors are responsible for the general supervision and command of uniformed security officers assigned to their respective shifts. Shift supervisors are to supervise and guide the security officers under their command.


Finally, uniformed security officers, under the supervision of their shift supervisors, are assigned to mobile or foot patrol in designated areas.


The Patrol Division is responsible for the bulk of security and protective services rendered by American Alliance Security Agency.

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