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Most properties will have some sort of security feature in place such as key fobs, cameras or security guards. But many property owners and managers think by just having cameras and key cards, they can live without security guards to saving money, hoping the technology serves as a deterrent. However, there are major advantages to hiring security personnel.

The major advantage of security officers is decision making. A security officer can see things cameras can’t. They can investigate anomalies, secure perimeters and create a visual deterrent that is unmatched by modern technology. The deterrent factor alone is worth it.

Deterring Crime

When individuals who want to commit a crime or illicit activity see a uniformed security officer or a marked patrol vehicle on property, they are most likely to think twice. The most significant impact of security officers is their physical presence. A uniformed security officer sends out the message that the property is protected and secured.

Real-Time Response

Our security officers undergo extensive training to be able to react quickly, professionally, and appropriately to whatever situation they might be presented with.

Your Residents Always Have Someone to Call

If a tenant sees or notices something suspicious or has an issue, they can always call and rely on security. The security officer can then quickly handle the situation. This response is much easier than calling the police because there is no lag time. The tenant does not have to wait for the police to arrive, as they usually have priority calls to handle. Your tenants will feel more secure when they know there is someone watching over the property.

Increase of Property Value

When your property is safe and crime-free, the value of the property goes up. Having a security presence will not only deter crime on your property, but most likely around it as well. Security officers are a great way to make a community safer, which ensures that crime rates are low. When a property is in a low-crime area, its value is immediately increased.

Attraction of Better Residents

By having security officers on site, and when the value of your property goes up due to that fact, you're more likely to attract stable residents. Familes and other reliable tenants are more likely to move in because of the feeling of safety and security - this factor may especially attract tenants with children. These type of tenants tend to pay their rent on time, sign longer leases, and follow the rules and regulations you have put into place. This helps your property develop a relaxed and peaceful reputation in your community.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies are known to offer rates based on collective risk. Many insurance companies are known to offer discounts when you have a comprehensive security system fitted on your premises. Insurance providers look for safe customers from whom the chances of claims would be lower for various factors. If your insurance provider comes to know that your property is protected by security officers, then they can be sure that the chances of your property being affected by burglary, theft, vandalism, etc. are less likely. Therefore, your property is considered less of a risk for them. In that case, the rate of your premium is low.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Each property is unique, making the needs of each property unique as well. With different options and packages, we will work with you to come up with the best security plan for your property, custom-tailored. Whether you have one particular entrance that needs extra security, or you feel that you require 24/7 coverage, your needs can be properly addressed.

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