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If the threat level on your property is low and you have no reason to fear for the safety of your staff or visitors, an unarmed security officer may be best suited for your security needs.

If there is a perceived or an actual threat to life or protection of valuable items that could be targeted, then an armed security officer might be the best option for you.

Maintain crowd control, meet venue requirements and regulations, make your guests feel secure, and deter disorderly behavior. Schedule a free security consultation today!

Provide your tenants the feeling of a safe atmosphere. A uniform on premises sends a message that the property is being watched and protected.

There are people who will trespass on dangerous construction sites to steal valuables, vandalize, or just to look around. We will keep your assets and property safe!

Your first line of defense - meeting and greeting your visitors with a professional image, CCTV monitoring, and controlling access to your premises.

Security officers serve as a terrific deterrent to any potential criminal offense. Thieves will hesitate about targeting a business that has uniformed security on premises. 

Just the presence alone of a uniformed security officer can increase the chances of good behavior and ensure that the termination process goes smoothly.

Proven as a strong deterrent to criminal activity, Mobile Patrol allows our security officers to secure multiple locations or a very large site, in a short period of time.

We patrol the property to preserve order and monitor access, prevent vandalism and property damage, and enforce your ordinances, rules and regulations.

Healthcare Institutions

Our security officers are trained specifically to pick up on signs or signals of threats. Spotting incidents before they occur can save lives.

Uniformed security officers will invoke a strong physical presence, serving as a strong and effective deterrent to crime and unwanted activity.

Leave it to us to secure the facility - protecting customers, visitors and staff, and property. Clear your plate for more important matters, like making your customers happy!

When your need arises, a response is minutes away. We are ready to receive your instructions and dispatch a security officer to your location within minutes.

Your money is transported by trained and armed security personnel who transport the cash using unmarked cars equipped with special security equipment.

Protecting cash and assets, ensuring the safety of bank employees, assuring your customers you care about their safety, safeguarding critical information, and providing general security and safety services.

The need for campus security is a relevant issue for all schools today. Parents and the media have all began to explore how to make campuses a safer place for elementary, middle school, high school and college students.

Security officers give you a human physical presence to monitor who enters and exits the premises. Automated gates are known to reduce crime, but a security officer at the gate is especially useful at preventing unauthorized entry.

Fraud or Embezzlement Detection, Spouse Infidelity, Child Custody Battles, Missing Persons, Employment Background Checks - you name it, we will discover and bring you information and findings.

Patrol hits where your site is visited at random times and days / nights. The patrolling security officer would inspect the full perimeter, performing welfare checks and investigating any sensitive areas.

If you feel you are in need of close personal protection for any reason, our team consists of highly trained individuals with backgrounds in military and law enforcement. We provide both male and female operatives.

Our Executive Protection Team employs impeccable threat assessments, site security surveys, close armed protection, and advance preparations. We leave no stone unturned, no risk unattended.

 Experienced, skilled, and trained consultants to customize your security and protection plans. We analyze your specific security needs and propose solutions that are relevant, effective and practical.

Our security officers are trained on the most up-to-date state rules and guidance on COVID-19 safety measures. Our compliance procedures are firmly based on guidance from the CDC.

Don't see the security service you're looking for?

As a one-stop-shop for security services, we will do our best to accommodate whatever your security needs may be. 

Let us know here, and we'll make it happen!
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